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Imagine the frustration of using multiple marketing tools that don't integrate seamlessly. Scattered data, redundant tasks, and wasted time switching between platforms are common problems. SalesProcess™ aims to solve this by offering a centralized platform that streamlines marketing activities, potentially saving you time and effort.

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Embark on the Marketing Evolution with SalesProcess™

Step into the future where SalesProcess™ transforms your marketing chaos into a streamlined symphony of success. It’s not just a platform, but a revolution—redefining how you execute all your marketing endeavors from a single, powerful hub.


the Extraordinary, Effortlessly

Unearth the essence of strategic content creation with guidance tailored to align perfectly with your business objectives. From inception to execution, SalesProcess™ ensures your message not only resonates but also reigns supreme in the digital kingdom.

Effortless Creation, Effective


Amplify your voice with expertly devised methods for content that captivates and converts. SalesProcess™ delivers the art and science of engaging content, empowering you to produce and share stories that spark conversations and conversions across all channels.

The Power of One Platform

Bid farewell to the cumbersome juggling of disparate tools. SalesProcess™ offers a

centralized, unified platform designed to save you time and resources,

propelling you to unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.


What They Say

Embarking on this journey with Jodeen...

Streamlined Workflow Automation

SalesProcess has revolutionized our workflow automation. The Custom Code Workflow Action allows us to integrate and execute custom code seamlessly, saving us time and effort. With this feature, we've been able to automate complex processes with ease, making our team more efficient and productive.

Tayla Gaines -

Marketing Manager

Thanks to SalesProcess' enhanced ChatGPT integration, we've been able to improve our communication and engagement strategies. The ability to analyze text, summarize content, and translate languages directly within our workflows has made it easier for us to connect with our global audience, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Mckenzy Bean -
Car Dealership Marketing

SalesProcess was such a relief – it just slotted right in with our existing workflow and the team adapted to it incredibly fast! No setup nightmares or delays. That kind of seamless integration was a big confidence boost when we started scaling. Knowing the platform could keep pace as we handled more leads and bigger deals? That's been a major weight off our shoulders.

Craig S
Buffalo Blanks CFO

Time & Resource Savings

SalesProcess has saved us valuable time and resources, streamlining our sales and marketing processes. Its all-in-one platform eliminated the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and boosting productivity. We've eliminated unnecessary monthly subscriptions and app overload, allowing us to reallocate our resources strategically, focusing more on growth initiatives and customer satisfaction. SalesProcess goes beyond funnels, it's a fully integrated sales and marketing system where you get to manage your sales, product, pipeline, marketing, performance analytics, conversations, social media management and marketing team in one place. It's been a game-changer for our business and what we recommend to our clients for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Tanya McKey

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Jodeen has an incredible knack for understanding mindset, offering invaluable insights that helped me shift my perspective and embrace new challenges with confidence. Her unwavering support and guidance was instrumental in unlocking my potential and staying focused on my goals. Adding SalesProcess for automation into my business was a game changer and she showed me how it could streamline and empower me in my business. Her genuine desire to see me succeed and bring my business to the next is priceless.

Glo Ochoa

You Will...

Data Consolidation: Say farewell to data diaspora.

Repetitive Work Reduction: Automate the monotonous.

End the Fragmentation Frustration: Replace the jigsaw puzzle of marketing tools.

Comparison to Other Platforms...


Both platforms focus on sales funnels, but SalesProcess may offer more extensive CRM and lead management features, making it suitable for businesses that need robust customer tracking and relationship management.


Leadpages excels in landing page creation and lead capture, while SalesProcess offers a more comprehensive suite for sales and marketing automation, including CRM and lead management.


Kajabi focuses on online courses and digital products, whereas SalesProcess provides a broader range of sales and marketing tools for various types of businesses.


Both platforms offer robust features for sales and marketing automation. The choice between Kartra and SalesProcess may come down to specific features, pricing, and user preference for interface and usability. Additionally, SalesProcess is known for its great customer service.


ConvertKit excels in email marketing, while SalesProcess offers a more comprehensive solution for overall sales and marketing automation, including CRM and lead management.


Builderall provides a wide range of digital marketing tools, while SalesProcess focuses more on sales funnel creation and CRM integration, making it better suited for sales-oriented businesses. offers comprehensive marketing tools at a lower price point, but SalesProcess may offer more advanced CRM and lead management features, catering to businesses needing detailed customer tracking and relationship management.

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